Walkthrough For Escape The Haunted Mansion

Here is the walkthrough for Escape The Haunted Mansion point and click game:
-Click the bottom right of the picture so it shakes and falls down. Get the brown clock hand. Note the acid in the trashcan.
-Go right and get the crowbar.
-Click the paper on the wall and note the words in red.
-Right again and get the torn piece of paper.
-Use the crowbar on a floor plank to the left of the phone. Get the key.
-Go left and place the torn paper in the pool of blood. Note the position of the words in the circle that they form.
-Click the door and use the key to get in.
-Get the red clock hand and quickly replace its place on the wall with the brown clock hand.
-Leave the room and short hallway and go left (or right) twice to the symbol clock on the wall and the 2 clocks on the floor.
-Place the red clock hand on the wall. From the note, set the hand on the lower left symbol (indicated by “Lair”).
-Set the right clock to 12:00 (Midnight) and the left clock to 9:00. (I am not 100% sure on why it’s 9:00).
-You will see a flash of a ghost. Go left and the symbol on the door is now lit in red. Enter.
-Enter the hall and go forward. Pick up the ring.
-You are now back in the main room and the phone rings. Click it to answer it.
-The screen will go staticky. Place the ring in the trashcan and the screen will return to normal.
-Go back to the door with the symbol and now it is lit up in blue. Click it and you’re out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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