Walkthrough For Escape The Lab

Here is the walkthrough for Escape The Lab point and click game:

  • Take wire cutters from green box
  • Turn right
  • Take key from plant
  • Unlock second drawer with it
  • Open second drawer
  • Take screwdriver
  • Read journal (note: Joshua died on 5-19)
  • Take graphite shavings from printer
  • Move right picture
  • Open top safe: left to 5, right to 1, left to 9, push center
  • Take incriminating documents
  • Turn right
  • Read wiring list in bin
  • Read director's notebook in upper row (note codes: 3972, 531)
  • Turn right
  • Take sulfuric acid from bin
  • Turn left
  • Use sulfuric acid on cabinet handle
  • Open cabinet, take brush
  • Turn left, go to bottom safe
  • Use graphite on number pad
  • Use brush on number pad
  • Guess and input password (DEATH)
  • Read note on antivirus and disassembly instructions
  • Turn left
  • Remove screws of bomb with screwdriver
  • Cut wires with wirecutter: yellow, green, brown (right&left), red, white (right&left)
  • Turn left
  • Open cabinet
  • Take three solutions
  • Click combiner, combine 23g (pink) and X (yellow)
  • Turn right
  • Enter code 3972531 in number pad
  • Escape

Source: Lazy Laces

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