Walkthrough For Escape This Mistery

Here is the walkthrough for Escape This Mistery point and click game:
1. pick up screwdriver

2. unscrew box

3. grab key

4. open door

5. grab pole

6. look around next to the bottom right corner of the door for a place to click

7. go up

8. grab the hammer

9. click where it says finish

10. go trough the hole

11.click the top right corner of the door

12. grab the key

13. open door

14. click all boxes until they move away and uncover a hole

15. go through the hole

16. grab key

17. open door

18. go through hole where the laser hits the wall

19. grab cd

20. go back

21. click the beam

22. go through the hole

23. the password is 2475
Source: Escape Games 24

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