Walkthrough For Escape To Freedom

Here is the walkthrough for Escape To Freedom point and click game:
1: go 2 times right click the chair it turns over, get the key
2:go left open window with key.
3: open right window get the screwdriver
4:go right open cabin with screwdriver.
5: get red button.
6:go two times left put button near clock
7: set clock on 00:00 and go back to the window. look out the left window and you'll see three panels brightened.
8:go back to the panel (cabin) and push up.
9: go back to the window open right window and get letter. Repeat 8+9 till you've got all the letters
10: you have to turn over all the letters accept SOS.
11: place all the letters back: first 4 times a blanc one
then the S
Then a blanco one
then the O
then a blanco one
Then the S
12: go back to the window click rope and your out
Source: Escape Games 24

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