Walkthrough For Escape Turquoise Room

Here is the walkthrough for Escape Turquoise Room:

Click on bucket in corner until it falls over
-then get apple core
-go right once
-click on purple/grey machine on corner of desk and move magnets (largest at the bottom to smallest on top) to center red pole
- click on uv base
-get book from middle of the desk
-get gloves from first aid kit
click repeatlty on switch at bottom right hand side until it breaksdown
-a battery will roll under the couch into a mouse hole, put apple core in front of hole and get battery
-put battery into uv lamp
-go right once
-on RHS of drawers 2 down get lighter
-open BOTH left hand doors, in the middle one get umbrella and wrench (put overalls back)
-get wrench and click on dictaphone (while it is still on shelf)
-pick up boken dictaphone and get battery
-put broken dictaphone back and place battery into uv lamp base
-click on desk drawer (with the vice on it) and get tape
-go right once
-click on ceiling above safe
-get tape and click on RHS of fan
-get glass tube
-go right once
-click on wrench then on red part of radiator to get steam
put glass tube over steam to clean it
-go right twice
-double click on glass tube then on the lighter and it will bend
-then open right hand side cupboard and on the first shelve get the purple bottle
-click on tube then purple bottle. it will turn into a fluro tube.Put this into the uv base and turn on.
-Now click on book flick to the back pages (the blank ones) and then your fluro lamp and onthe bottom of the page there will be
( X stands for numbers they change each time)
-in the cupboard still there a coat in the middle right and a gumboot far right get these
-now put the tape back in the desk drawer
-go right once
Click on RHS of safe and get other gumboot
-go to numbers on the safe and going left to right put in green level first then blue level
-get orange bottle
combine orange bottle with both boots and umbrella
-click on gloves and get big bottle of acid
-go right once and throw big bottle of acid at door
-then click on umbrella then on hole in the door and you are outta there.

Source: Gamesuy

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