Walkthrough For Escaping Game Of Baseball Boy

Here is the walkthrough for Escaping Game Of Baseball Boy point and click game:
-Click behind the heater to plug it in.
-Go left and get the ruler ruler from the desk.
-Click under the desk to get the glass.
-Left again. Get the bag and click it to get the orange juice.
-Click under the bed and use the ruler to get the dustcloth.
-View the dust cloth to get the cutter.
-Click to the right of the head of the bed and get the kettle.
-Go back to the heater and place the kettle on top.
-View the glass in your inventory and use the orange juice on it.
-Turn the heater on by clicking the knob.
-Use the orange juice in the glass on the kettle to make it hot.
-Go back to the deflated baseball by the bed and use the steaming orange juice on it. It is now inflated.
-Click around the lower, right side of the inflated baseball to get the code to the safe on the shelf.
-Open the safe to get the baseball.
-Use the cutter on the baseball to get the pill bottle.
-Use the dust cloth on the pill bottle to open it.
-Click the open bottle to get the key.
-Use the key on the door and you're out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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