Walkthrough For Gan Tan

Here is the walkthrough for Gan Tan point and click game:

  • Go left once
  • Click under cart with wine on it ( cart should not move
  • Go back
  • Click Orange square left side of table
  • Push button (need scissors)
  • Go Left
  • Get two spinning tops, and black key (key bottom of screen) Use black key, get remote, click ceiling notice card
  • Go Left
  • Get black dot (on wall hanging with writing), Click red cards get card under them all life pillow get pink key, get paddle, select remote (use on screens on wall, Zoom in on face and click far left side get red lips, use lips and black dot on face open door, click top of door get code.
  • Go Left x3
  • Use pink key, get scissors.
  • Go Right
  • Use scissors, get white key.
  • Go Right
  • Mouse has moved, ger shuttle cock under dresser, examine shutlle cock, get code.
  • Go Left
  • Use white key, input code, bottom middle door opens, see button, use spinning tops as wheels, press button get card, look at ceiling, use paddle get card, look at screen notice symbols, use 4 cards to find colors.
  • Go Right x2
  • Use colors on large dresser, wall opens, insert cards into slots
  • Go Back
  • Open the dresser that you enter the colors, get mouse.
  • Go Left x2
  • Get battery under locked cupboards, examine mouse in inventory, click back wheel, put bettery in mouse.
  • Go Left
  • Open "face" door, use mouse.
  • Go Back
  • Click doors and your out.

Source: EscapeGames24

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