Walkthrough For GD Escape

Here is the walkthrough for GD Escape :
1.Look under the mat and pick up the key
2.pick up the ball under the sofa
3.pick up the ball on the top of the coat rack
4. click the face to the left on the wall…the card will be inserted and a key will fall out of the face to the right
5.get the 2nd key by clicking the bobble head bird thing on the counter top
6.get the third ball in the 2nd counter
7. get the third key by clicking th bobble head in the 4th cupboard. you will have to wait a while
8. now open the third cupboard and take the ball and look under the cupboards anf take the ball on the floor

9.go to the right and take the paper and the ball out of the drawers
10.take the ball at 12:00 on the clock
11. click the computer and try to get all the circles on the screen white…u will get another card for this
12. now go back to the computer screen and click the circles according to the paper starting at the top right hand corner. the circles that are now white are the 7 positions of the balls u found on the thing above the sofa.
13. insert the card into the bottom slot of the revealed thing and get the key
14. drag and drop 1 card over the other. it reveals a number…i got 631 use that as the code for the door
15. [gasp!] nothing!
16. put the keys next to each other in the order 1st, 4th, 3rd, 2nd…that revealed 235 for me…now that is the real code for the door….enter it into the keypad and you are out.
Source: EscapeGames24

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