Walkthrough For Geek Quest 1

Here is the walkthrough for Geek Quest 1:

Pick up a boffer sword

From this Location
- Upper Left – to the front of the chess table and the front-left door
- Left – to the chessers Suit
- Forward – to the tree
- Forward twice – to the back of the chess table and dorm lounge front-right door
- Right – to G63 room

Go upper-left twice. The monkey is blocking your way. Use a boffer sword.
Go to the chess table. The chess player will ask you to play chess. I'm sure everybody know how to play chess but you can read the instruction from the book "Rules for Chess : Shelf 3, 15" (optional). You have to move one chess piece so that becomes a check mate.
Move one of the white pawns forward.

Task 1 : Unlock the Laundry

Go to the back of the chess table (forward twice from the starting point). Approach the chess player on his back and steal his wallet. Pick up a student ID.
Go to the proctor room (left, upper-left and right from the start). Talk to the proctor Katy. Ask for the code for the laundry. She will ask for a student ID. Select it from the inventory and click on “Here’s a student ID” then she will give you a code.

The code is 35422.

Another question will give you an information about the dorm.
Go to the laundry and enter the code, get inside and pick up a bucket and a furby.
Go back to the courtyard. Go the the tree. Climb the rope and attach the bucket to the rope as a counterweight.

Task 2 : Unlock the Crack Suit

The man who is playing game don’t want to talk to anyone. He ask for a cream soda.
Go to the storage. Zoom in the lockbox. The password hint can be found in the note in front of the empty cream soda box in that room.

The password is 4-8-1

Open the lockbox and collect a cash and coins.
Go back to the lounge. Insert a coin into a vender machine. Buy a can of cream soda.
Go back to the man who is playing game.
Zoom in the game box and shut it down. He will angry. Give him a cream soda and he will calm down.
Ask for a crack suit key, he will give you.
Use the key to open a crack suit door. Get inside. Pick up a lockpicks kit on the table. Zoom in the tube system, choose “green”.
(Optional) Zoom in the note on the left. It give you an information about a binary encode which is used at the frosh clone suit.

Task 3 : Frosh Clone Suit

Zoom in the sink, pick up toothbrushes. Zoom in Clone-O-Matic, pick up punch cards. Insert a card frosh# (white white black black), a binary of 3 you know from the note in the crack suit. Then insert a toothbrush (a blue one). You get a clone hand. Use it at the panel on the right of that room. This will unlock the trapdoor to the chesses suit.

Information :
Kelly = forsh#3 (from the whiteboard)
Kelly’s toothbrush is a blue one because you see from her desk that all her belongings are blue.

Task 4 : Chessers Suit

Pick up a video tape on the sofa.
Pick up a hamster food in the bottom drawer.
Open a top drawer and zoom in the lockbox. Use lockpicks to unlock it and read an instruction inside. This give you the right angle of the ladder.
Zoom in the tube system and open the green gate.
Exit the room, now you unlock the chessers suit door.

Task 5 : G63

Go to the library, a bookcase in the lounge signed “East Dorm Library”. Pick up a book “MIT Guide to Everything: Shelf 3, 14”. This will allow you to use lickpicks.
Go to the electrical panel in fromt of the storage room. Use lockpicks to unlock the panel and push a button 115 which is for the G63 room (because the room over it is 215).
Go to the laundry, enter the code again (35422), get inside and go to the electrical panel. Unlock it with your lockpicks and push the “Breaker Reset ” button. This will turn on the electricity in the room G63.
Go ot room G63. Zoom in a video player and insert the video tape.

Task 6 : Prepare the Hamsterton

Go to the lounge. Go to the refrigerator and pick up bagels and (optional) a bread.
Put the bagels in the toaster behind the Hamstertron. Put a hamster food in a blue box.
There is an automatic telescoping hamster ladder beside the TV game. Zoom in and change the angle to 42 (you know this from the note in the chessres suit.)
Zoom in the Hamstertron. Click on the black button and change the wheel. You have to clear the way from front to back while blocking the way to the toaster (that will harm the hamster).
Push the “Gate Switch” (a green switch on the blue box) once.
Click the red button on the hamstertron to activate it. If you made everything right, three light will light up. A hamster will go into the blue box. Push the green switch again to change the direction.
Go down and zoom in the turbine. Select 1200 rpm and 240 volts. You know from the book “Operation Manual for the Turbyne: Shelf 3, 17” that it generates an ultrasonic noise that make a hamster to flee. When you do this, a hamster will go to the room G63.

Final step :

Goto room G63.
You have to set the air flow system by push/pull the switch paddle that make the air flow from inlet to the top outlet that leads to the hamster tube but don’t let the air flow away from the others outlet.

Top-right once, bottom-left once, bottom-right once.

Then turn on the pump switch. A hamster will be sent to time suck room.
Go to time suck room. Stop the music by clicking a stop button on the PC moniter.
Unlock the cage by using this sequence you know from the book “History of East Dorm: Shelf 1, 2” compare with the symbol in each room.

lollipop, light bulb, G63, triangle, chess piece, 4 girls.

Give a furby to a hamster and watch the ending scene.

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