Walkthrough For Geek Quest 2

Here is the walkthrough for Geek Quest 2 :
Prologue: Getting some hints.
-Talk to Susan about everything. Look around her room and other places in South Dorm for clues and items.
-Revisit East Dorm from Geek Quest Vol. 1. The place is completely empty and has nothing for you to do, but someone has left a series of cryptic clues on all the whiteboards.

Task I: Get the Control Lever located in North Dorm.

-Ride the golf cart to North Dorm, observe the guards protecting the holy flask.
-Go back to South Dorm. Ask Susan about the Northies. She will give you a hint and offer to lend you tapes of the Olympics. You can take the tapes before, but Susan does not give hints until you've seen North.
-Go back to North. Figure out which Northie likes which sport, based on in-game clues and real-world stereotypes (my apologies if this is a bit un-PC, but I think the stereotypes exploited in this puzzle are benign). One likes basketball, and you can tell because he's tall and wearing the same team jersey as the basketball player in West Courtyard. One likes soccer, which you can guess based on his Latin-American appearance and the newspaper article in Platt Dining Hall. One likes hockey, as he is wearing a Canada shirt. One likes figure skating, as the figure skating poster in the lounge is signed to him and his name is printed on his jacket and the notice on the wall. The last one out likes hamster balling, which you figure out from the presence of Huey the hamster and the picture of its owner.
-Based on their routes, there is only one combination of shows that will distract all the Northies simultaneously. The bottom left TV must be set to show Soccer on ESPN2. The bottom right TV must be set to show Basketball on ESPN. The right TV must be tuned to U62. The back TV must be set to show Hockey on ABC. The lef TV must be playing the figure skating tape. The other channels and tapes, including several which show the relevent sports, are red herrings that don't distract Northies or don't produce a combination that distracts them all (due to only three of the TV's having VCRs, two having cable, and three being capable of receiving UHF signals).
-Lift up the Holy Flask of Norf. A secret elevator is activated. Take the gloves from the basement.
-There are no explicit instructions for how to open the reactor door, but you can play with it a bit and should get it open pretty quickly. If you look in the window, you can see a dangerous plutonium rod. Pull the shield controls down to lower a protective shield. If you look in the window again, you should see that the room is now safe. Hit the "All Clear" button. Do not touch the alarm button. Now that the safety alarm is off, the door can be unlocked. Turn the large wheel to unlock the door. Now, grab the handle to open the reactor door.
-Set the reactor to normal operating levels.

Task II: Deal with the boiler hidden under the Dining Hall.

-Go to the dining hall. The Wannabe Ninja appears, accompanied by music from "Skies of Arcadia". Use cover and throw oranges whenever he stops running. Make sure that each time you duck down that you grab another orange if you're not already holding one. If you are hit by one of his throwing stars, retry to have another chance at beating him. If you choose to continue you'll wake up back in South Dorm.
-When you beat the ninja, you can explore the dining hall. Go left and check out the newspaper on the table. Then go back to the first area.
-Take the artillery book out of the lost and found box, along with the South Dorm maintenance key.
-Go into the kitchen. Take the cookbook off the counter in the foreground.
-Open the cabinet beneath the sink and take the bag of charcoal.
-See what the items above the stove do, and then read the cookbook. Most of the recipes are red herrings (and actual recipes compiled by students from the real STY tech). However, Platt Matter has been mentioned both by Susan and by the East whiteboards. Read the Recipe for Platt Matter. Notice that equipment needed for the recipe is in blue, and that the five blue items in the Platt Matter recipe correspond to the five musical items hanging above the stove.
-Hit the musical utensils in the order they are used in Platt Matter to open the secret crawlspace: Spoon, Strainer, Whisk, Tongs, and Spatula. The other way to figure this out is to play the signature riff from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", which was one the books lying around the kitchen.
-Enter the crawlspace and follow the path to get to the boiler, which is raging out of control. Put on the protective gloves and turn down the boiler.
-Take the Platt control lever (happens automatically).
-Walk back to the dining hall entrance.

Interlude: Figure out how you're going to break into the Activites Center.
-Visit West Dorm and look around. Notice the cannon. If you look through the scope on the control platform you can see the Activities Center.
-Observe Wes and note that his shirt refers to the Biology Department Retreat. Also recall the message in East Dorm ("Turn WESt upside down!"). The biology code is the phrase ("BEBE HILL") on his shirt… turned upside down (7714-3838).
-Eventually, you want to fire the Caltech cannon and get into the Activites Center, but one thing at a time…

Task III: Get the plants Susan needs for her thesis.
-Go to South and talk to Susan about the cannon. She will offer you a deal. If you've seen the field station you could also ask about the code and she'll give you a hint, but you've already figured that out.
-Make sure you have a cannon ball (West) and the bananas (South kitchen) before proceeding. You can only carry one cannon ball at a time, but the stack of them is infinite, so you can always come back and get another one if you lose your ball.
-Go to the field station. Enter the 8-digit codes: 7714-3838 (8383-4177 also works, because I'm a nice game designer).
-Search the field station for Susan's plants. Two are in scenes while you're walking along the trail.
-If you want, you can check out the telescope and see what's across the water. Notice that the tree you need to find is over there, that there's some sort of pulley, and that an oar is on the ground.
-When you find the dock, use the Green lever to crank-start the engine and move the boat over to the other side of the lake. Notice that the boat takes off while you're starting the engine, so you can't hop on. Now switch the control mechanism to "round trip" and prime the engine again. Jump into the boat when it comes and ride it across the lake. This puzzle operates in real time, so you can change scenes without disrupting it.
-On the other side, find the tree and the oar and row back. You can now travel in the boat without using the pulley, as long as you use the oar.
-Peek into the cabin to observe the monkey, and note that he has the keys to the cabin. Note the posters on the walls as well. These are nucleotide bases, as explained in the textbook in South Dorm (and really, anyone who's taken a biology class should know something about this). Three are visible in the cabin. The fourth is in the textbook as well as in the name of the boat.
-Open the monkey's cage using the outer lever control mechanisms (next to the boat controls) with the Blue Lever. Let the dog loose by entering the four nucleotide bases on the letter combo lock (CATG, which also changes "DAWG" to "CAT(G)"). The dog will run into the cabin. The monkey has now moved onto the table to avoid the dog. Climb up the ladder, and drop the cannon ball into the chute. It will land on one side of the table and send the monkey flying into the rafters. Lure the monkey to the upper window with the bananas.
-Take the keys, open the cabin, and get the last plant. You can also retrieve the cannon ball if you want.

Task IV: Fire the Caltech cannon.
-Return to Susan. Talk to her to give her the plants. If you have the charcoal, she will prepare gunpowder for you now.
-Go to West Courtyard. Find the dorm president.
-Beat the president at her game. To do this, go first and place 1 beer bottle. Then, consistantly play the opposite of whatever she plays until you win. She'll give you the key for the rotating platform.
-Get the lighter next to the flaming couch.
-Go to the cannon and load it with both the gunpowder and a cannon ball (you can use the same one you used in the field station, or pick another one up from the pile, but you can only carry one ball at a time)
-Go to the control platform. Insert the cannon key. Look through the binoculars and figure out what angle to turn the artillery platform.
-Open the book of cannons. Look up the type of cannon (late 19th century American, indicated by both the dedication on the cannon as well as the newspaper), and figure out what angle you need to set the cannon so that the cannon ball hits the Linde Rec gates. The basketball player in West knows the distance to Linde Rec (315 meters).
-Given the preceding information, the cannon coordinates are "Rotation=36 : Angle=7".
-Press go and confirm that you want to fire the cannon.

Task V: Activities Center
-Enter the Activities Center. Go into the basketball court. Talk to Derek and he will open up the secret passage for you.
-Switch the conduits in the electrical panel to power the lever cover, but not electrify the catwalk. Rotate the second wheel on the bottom row to send the current up but not right, and the second and third wheel on the top row to direct the current to the right without sending it to the lower wheel on the far right side (the one with connections in every direction).
-Walk across the platform, open the safety cover, turn the lever, and remove it.
-On your way out, go to the maintenance closet. Observe how the dials on the tool chest work and then take a look at the poster. There is only one set of numbers that completes all four mathematical operations such that all numbers are integers from 1-9 (the available choices on the toolbox lock). The solution is 4,2,9,1,3. Take the wrench set and leave.

Task VI: Baja
-At this point, all your jobs are complete except the West climate control center, but Wes is guarding it and he can't get drunk. Fortunately, Susan has told you that Baja Suit has a supply of sleeping pills.
-Use the wrench set to remove the grating in South Lounge.
-Remember those maintenance keys you got way back in the Dining Hall? Use them to turn off the security lasers.
-Take the Sleeping Pills and other alcohol.

Task VII: Defeating Wes.
-Go to West. Use the drink mixing machine in the lounge. Place the grenadine into the machine.
-Look up "Westie Moonrise" in the cookbook. Set up the ball machine so the ball hits all the right colors. You might have to run the machine once first so that the switch-gate is in the right position. This isn't terribly hard.
-Make the drink. If you have the pills, they will be added.
-Get Wes the Westie to drink it.
-Open the door behind him, and insert each of the 3 colored levers. Turn them to match the directions for the location of the dorm indicated by the compass direction. Susan explained this earlier.
-Enter the underground complex and beat the game.

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