Walkthrough For Geoffrey S Quest

Here is the walkthrough for Geoffrey's Quest :

. Click on the pile of dirt. You get a pair of gloves.
2. Click the water. You now get a shovel.
3. Use the shovel on a rock near the skull, the little one that's under a bigger rock. You discover a hole.
4. Click on the hole, you get a key.
5. Use the key on the chest. You find a ladder.
6. click it.
7. Click on the ground near the skull, at the left site. If it doesn't work, try clicking around there. You should now have the ladder set there.
8. Click on the bone near the water.
9. Click on the ladder. The bone should now appear as another step.
10. Click the ladder again. You'll go to a little house.
11. Click the rake.
12. Click the leaves at the right side of the path. They'll discover something, take it. I'ts a candel.
13. At the window, there is the candle you need for the support you just picked. Click it.
14. Take the little rock at the left side of the path.
15. A bird will pass. Click at it to make it remain still.
16. Click again to throw the rock at it. It will fall to the floor and leave something next to it.
17. Take it, you'll light the candle.
18. Click the right side from the house to go to another screen.
19. There is a little yellow thing lying in the grass, at the right side. Pick it.
20. Use the key at the right side from the cabinet. Get the lamp.
21. Click at the hole from the gutter. You'll get a knife.
22. Click on the left side from the cabinet. You open it, and get another key.
23. Use the key on the garbage can. There's a srewdriver inside, looking like a hotdog. Get it.
24. Use the screwdriver on one of the screws from the vent. Get in the vent.
25. Take the cane next to the bookcase.
26. Click the blue vase on top of the drawers to make it fall. Pick up the lighter out of it.
27. Use the lighter on the weird yellow thing on the table. You get a key.
28. Use the key on the cabinet from the bookcase. You get to see a paper. Click on it to get a code.
29. Click on the combination lock from the drawer, which is next to the vent, where you got the lighter from. It opens.
30. Close it again, and click on the drawers from the table. Get the scissors.
31. Write the code down you get to see when you click and don't release the mouse on the paper in the third drawer from the table. It's K23JJ9G.รง
32. Use the scissors on the painting cord that's on the wall. A book in the bookcase falls down and shows a key, and the painting falls to show a safe.
33. Take the key to open the safe. Take the meat that's inside.
34. Insert the meat in the hole from the bookcase. Click the meat when it's there. You'll find the prison door.
35. Click on the thickest bar from the prison door window. You'll get closer and see a key. Take it.
36. Use the key on the little electric box next to the door.
37. Click on the right inside the box with wires, and get a pin.
38. Use the pin to open the middle drawer from the table. You'll find some gloves. Click on them.
39. Get the little stick on the table, a pen.
40. Insert the pen in the outlet. The prison lock will fall off. Click the door to get inside.
41. You'll get a message. Click on the weird keypanel next to the second prison door. You'll get three options. Choose the last option.

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