Walkthrough For Girl's Day Dolls

Here is the walkthrough for Girl's Day Dolls point and click game:
-Click the top drawer of the desk and get the cellophane tape, cutter, and ruler.
-Go right, open the closet door and pull the thread from the dress.
-Open the bottom drawer, and get the bobbins.
-Go back to the view of the bookcase and read the Kimono book.
-Go right twice and get the scooper from the left TV drawer and the balloons from the left TV drawer.
-Go into the kitchen and get the chopsticks from the drawer and the aluminum foil and toothpicks from the left cabinet.
-Go left in the kitchen and get the fliers from the mailslot.
-Read the 3 notes on the wall and decipher the code to the computer: peach.
-Go out of the kitchen and to the right. Open the sliding glass door and use the scooper on the dirt.
-Log into the computer using the password and click the Recycle Bin. Restore the file back onto the computer desktop.
-Open the notepad file and notice all the websites are missing an extension. The extension HTM is the password to the padlock.
-Open Internet Explorer (on the computer in the game) and Google “hina ningyo”.
-GG will now keep a checklist for you to make sure you have all the items needed to create your own Hina-Ningyo. Keep a mental note on the arrangement of all the items.
-Open the padlocked drawer and get the eraser, paint, and origami paper.
-Check with GG and you should now have all the materials needed for Hina Ningyo.
-The scooper used on the dirt created the pedestals.
-Use the thread on the bobbins to create the drums.
-Use the ruler on the aluminum foil for the folding screen.
-Use the balloons on GG. Him and the Ninja will inflate them for you. (You can use the inflated balloons on GG for fun, but he won't break them, I promise)
-Use the chopsticks on the inflated balloons to get the lanterns.
-Use the cellophane tape on the toothpicks to get the pyramid shapes for the dolls’ bodies.
-Use the cutter on the eraser to get the dolls’ heads.
-Use the dolls’ heads on the pyramid-shaped bodies to create the unfinished dolls.
-Use the origami paper on the unfinished dolls. Use the Kimono book on the unfinished doll to help you fold her Kimono properly. Now you have the 10 completed dolls.
-Use the paint on the fliers to make them red. Then use the cellophane tape on the red papers to get the red cloth.
-Now you have all the completed items for your Hina-Ningyo.
-Place all the items on the stand as instructed when you Googled it. You can always go back to the computer and search it again if you forgot.

-Place the items in this order (cloth, screen, and pedestals MUST go first, everything else can be placed in whatever order):
1. red cloth
2. folding screen
3. pedestals (2 on top, 3 in the middle, 5 on the bottom)
4. blue doll (top left), dark pink doll (top right), 3 light pink dolls (middle), and 3 orange/purple dolls (bottom left), and 2 purple dolls (bottom right)
5. lanterns on the top shelf to the left and right
6. use the toothpicks on the bottom left doll and the bottom doll (2nd from the right)
7. use the drums on the first three dolls on the bottom shelf

-You've completed the Hina-Ningyo and you’re out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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