Walkthrough For Gray Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Gray Room Escape point and click game:
-Turn right, turn on the lights.
-Click the right side of the potted tree and get the screwdriver. Note the keyhole in the bookscase.
-Turn left and note the 4-digit code at the bottom right of the door.
-Turn left again and open the shades. Note the 3-digit code on the bottom right side of the windowsill.
-Turn left and click the keypad. The buttons on the keypad represent the numbers 1-12, read left to right and then top to bottom.
-Click the numbers that represent the 7 numbers you found throughout the room.
-Open the safe and get the bookcase key.
-Click the keyhole in the bookcase and get the safe handle.
-Turn right (or left) twice and click the painting. Click the tack to remove the painting to reveal the safe.
-Use the safe handle on the safe to get the door key.
-Click the door to leave and you're out!
Codes found in the room:
1 7 9 12
2 4 11
Source: Escape Games 24

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