Walkthrough For Green Mirrors Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Green Mirrors Escape point and click game:

-Move the tree and get the green mirror (1). Make note of the lamp.
-Go right. Pick up the green mirror (2).
-Click under the desk and get the hammer.
-Click under the couch and get the green mirror (3).
-Click the right side of the couch and get the green mirror(4) (You can also get the FR tokens if you frequent the FreakinGames.com site).
-Turn right again and pick up another green mirror (5).
-Click under the chair and get the green mirror (6).
-Click the left side of the couch and get the green mirror (7).
-Use the hammer on the EMP generator to break it.
-The lamp is now on. Use the hammer on the "X" on the wall to get the key.
-Use hammer on the flower pot to get more FR tokens if you want.
-Turn right to the computer desk and use the key on the safe.
-Get the green mirror (8), the cable cord, and the FR token.
-Use the cable cord on the Random Number device on the wall. Note the random number.
-Click on the computer. Watch the short film.
-Enter in the number of actors - 5 and your random number.
-Get your password.
-Use this password in the room with the EMP generator.
-Get the green mirror (9, 10, 11) and FR tokens.
-Place all the green mirrors on the wall (you need 12, but 1 is already placed for you).
-Click the red button in the center to turn on the lasers.
-Click each mirror to rotate it.
-All gems must be lit green.
-Once they are all lit, the door is open and you're out!

Source: Escape Games 24

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