Walkthrough For Grolsch Gardens

Here is the walkthrough for Grolsch Gardens :

  • click on phone, watch cut scene
  • click on letters, get key
  • use key to open desk drawer, get photo (number #1)
  • watch cut scene
  • click on camera
  • click on clock face, make note of time (number #2)
  • pan left, row 1 is on top, row 4 is on bottom; window 1 is on left, window 3 is on right.
  • click on window row 2, window 3
  • click books on left bookcase, second shelf, get diagram
  • click on window, row 3, window 1, get mirror
  • watch cut scene
  • click on window, row 4, window 2, get monocle from statue
  • pan right.
  • click on window row 1, window 3, collect necklace from table
  • watch cut scene
  • click on window row 3, window 2, collect key from hem of red dress
  • click on window row 4, window 2, collect beer bottle with paper inside from fridge
  • click on window row 1, window 1
  • use key to open cabinet on left. place monocle on front of projector.
  • place mirror on right.
  • place bottle on table.
  • place necklace on chandelier.
  • click projector, watch cut scene.
  • go back through now open door.
  • click on left pan of developing fluid, put paper inside. make note of number (number #3, random every time).
  • go back to office in original scene.
  • watch cut scene.
  • click on left arrow to turn.
  • click on watch picture.
  • enter all 3 numbers.

Source: Lazy Laces

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