Walkthrough For Haluz 1

Here is the walkthrough for Haluz 1:

level1 ..once you are done watching the clip press the right house and grab cheese…put it in the most top hole and the snake will eat the mouse and you have a way to the other side………………..level2..slide ur mouse over the bird and the troll guy will fall…click the red pole with nothing on it but a rope you will get the rope then tie it to the plane…jump in the little boat thats on the left….click on the thing that spins…..then once the bean thing goes to the bathroon click on the spinny thing again and it wil chase you and both of you will fall then attach the thing you got from the bean thing to the plane and attch the small metal thing with a wheel on it to the plane it will become a boat…..level3..click the slug and you will be eaten.. now your in a stomach what u do next is take the red wire n put it on the right and put the green wire on the left..now press the troll thing he will get on the conveyor belt and ur on the other side now press the tape and press the silver lever on the bottom connect the string to the other roll..now connect the fearther to the nail and the nail to the snake head now press the silver lever on the tape and you will get spit up … now put the feather in the fire then press the right most flower then the slug again and he will get sick by the fumes and you will be able to get to the slug now get the fishing pole and give it to the troll thehn put the light bulb on the end…level 4…click the hole next to the troll thing ..clickthe hole where he shows up then make a plane out of the stuff in the nest first click the spoon thenput the the ruler in the front most part of the spoon put the salelite in the cup part of the spoon then put the blades in the back and nail the ruler down with the nail and click the guy….congrats ya finished!!!!

Source: Lazy Laces

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