Walkthrough For House

Here is the walkthrough for House :
Starting at the pool, take the net and use it to fish the oyster out of the water to get a emerald key. This will take a few attempts, so be patient.

Go into the hallway, collect any scrape piece of papers cos they are rather useless. Go to the living room from the kitchen. Lift up the pillow on sofa and click on the sewn part to get a blue key. Get the dvd from drawer. Switch on the tv and insert the dvd. These are instructions to escape the house.

Use the blue key to unlock the bathroom. Click on the sewage hole to get brown microchip. Next use emerald key to unlock the room, click on cupboard and under the socks to get a pink microchip. Go to the kitchen. Look at all the cups and add all the numbers up. (There are 12 signs) This is the code for the unknown room with no handle.

Use the decoder at hallway. Key in 0158 to open the door. Enter room click on painting to get glasses. Then click repeatedly on third knob of drawer to get orange microchip. now put the microchip into glasses one by one and click on the chip. You will see several scenes that reveal where the three jewellery are.

Go to kitchen. Click on the smelly food where the mouse had gone to repeatedly to get a earring. then go to living room, click on one of the dvds to get the bracelet. After that click on the vase in the hallway to get the third jewellery. Now place all of them into the magic jewellery box found on the library to get a strange key.

Use this key to open the window in the room with no handle. there…you are out.

When you're in the main game, click repeatedly on the library bottom right hand corner to get a piece of paper with taxi-number on it. Call a taxi using the number (175-543-477) to unlock bonus game after u escape the room.

For bonus game, it's easy to escape the car. Collect all the pieces of paper and deduce order of numbers.

1) The first is always the last: Meaning no.1 is placed at the last.

2) Fourth from right is second: No2 is fourth from the right.

3) 6 is the first and descend to stop at 4. Meaning first three numbers are 6,5,4

4) It says that remaining, 7 is in the middle, so the next three numbers after 2 must be 8,7,3.

You've got the code and you are done!
Source: Lazy Laces

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