Walkthrough For In The Woods

Here is the walkthrough for In the Woods :

Level 1

- frog, jumps foreward
- tree, apple falls out
- apple, hedgehog will pick it up
- apple on the back of the hedgehog
- fish, knocks down the rocks
- fish, swims too the bear
- bear, he hits the tree and a fish food falls into the water.
- red fish food, fish swims to the shore.
- fish, jumps up and gets killed.
- bird in the sky, atacks the fish
- hedgehog, starts the fire
- mental patient
- level complete

Level 2

- take apple
- click down end of the plant, next to the bear.
- Bear makes side step and is under the plant.
- Throw the rock on the treetrunk in the water. It hits the bear.
- Fasten the rope and walk out.

Level 4

- piece of wood
- bone, will fly to you
- dog, goes afther bone
- fence
- duck
- scarcrow female, near doghouse
- stones in the grass
- level complete

Level 5

- car window 3 times!! untill you see !! above his head
- pick-axe,the window comes out
- trailer, knocks of a tire
- car to attach tire
- left haystack
- iron pole under haystack
- iron pole again
- front of the car
- FINISHED, you're out

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