Walkthrough For Incognitus Proximity Of Doom

Here is the walkthrough for Incognitus Proximity Of Doom point and click game:
Turn on the light.

Turn left.

Open the bottom dresser drawer, then click in between that and the top drawer to get the pliers.

Click behind the dresser to get the file (try around the bottom right - this can be a pain).

Use the pliers on the bedpost immediately in front of you (this may take a few clicks). Pick it up after it drops to the ground.

Use the pliers on the second clock chime from the left.

Combine the chime with the top of the bedpost to get a "gearshift," then combine with the file to get a makeshift screwdriver.

Turn right twice to get to the screen with the computer.

Click on the keyboard to lift it and get the ID card. note his year of birth - 1988.

Click on the bottom drawer to open, then click inside the drawer to find the timer.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel, then remove it.

Leave the first knob alone - it is already pointing to the number 1. Turn the second knob once to the number 9. turn the third knob twice to 11, which is similar to the 88 in his birthday because they both have repeating digits? A bit fuzzy on the logic there, but it works.

Press the red button.

Retrieve the key

Turn left once and use the key in the keyhole, then click again to escape the room. Finito.

Red herrings.
There are many red herrings that are intended to make you waste time:

You can pick up the newspaper and read it.

Clock puzzle:
Click on the clock for a close up view then click on the clock face to remove the cover. Move both hands clockwise to around 12:00, and the clock face closes again and a panel appears. open the panel and take the coin.

Computer and Safe:
Click under the bed. Take the power cable.

Turn left. click on one of the green books on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. (It is under the red book that is leaning over.)

Open the book and retrieve the key. Close the book.

Turn left. Put the coin in the hole in the middle of the wire running across the floor. Put the key in the keyhole on the safe.

Turn left and use the power cable with the computer. The computer turns on, but there is a fatal error message. note the red and green text, and what order it is in.

Press and hold the a, n, and y keys to return to room.

Turn right and click on the face of the safe to get a close-up view.

Source: Lazy Laces

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