Walkthrough For Karaoke Room

Here is the walkthrough for Karaoke Room point and click game:
1.Take the plate from the table and the paper from beside the bin.
2.Click left twice and put the temperature (above phone) at 22.
3.Click the curtain to see the room’s number 551.
4.At the same scene click the fire extinguisher and take the battery.
5.Go left. Under the couch is the cutter and the wrench. Take the lighter from the table.
6.Go left. Use cutter on the footstool and take the windup key.
7.Go twice right and use the wrench on the microphone. Get stick.
8.Go left. Put your mouse above couch and go up. Use stick on the down right corner. A key has fallen down. Go down again and find the key under couch .
9.Go to tv and use the key under the video. Open drawer and take the coin. Use the windup key on doll. It falls down and a password appears 150082.
10. Go left twice. Put battery on the remote control and press ‘on’. Put 551 and press the chinese characters. Put the password 150082. That turned the tv on.
11.Go to tv and see something written in Chinese. Go to the scene that appears on tv.
12.Put plate on table, paper on plate and burn paper with lighter. Under plate is a number 593.
13.Go to the scene with the door. Click the thing on the right of phone. Put coin on the slot and put the number you found 593.
14.Click door and you are out.
Source: Escape Games 24

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