Walkthrough For Korekano Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Korekano Escape point and click game:
1 take red key, flip key and remember number (3)
2 open left drawer, get number 5
3 turn right twice
4 open box, get blue key, check number (1) and click bottom right corner of box to see clue for computer password
5 view clock, get number 9
6 click on first book, get number 2
7 use blue key on blue box, get yellow key (number 4)
8 use code (592) on green box and get white ball
9 click bottom of can en open it with the yellow key, get black ball
10 place balls on the black and white boxes. you're now able to open pannel
11 use hint near door (press all the buttons and the third en fifth one more time)
12 open right drawer, get green key (number 9)
13 insert password computer
you're out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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