Walkthrough For Leo Himura's No Exit

Here is the walkthrough for Leo Himura's No Exit point and click game:

  • Pick up soap, towel, body wash (behind wash basin) and hose
  • Use body wash on tap, pick up knob
  • turn right
  • use 1545 as code for the safe
  • pick up scissors and handheld device
  • use scissors, body wash and hose on tub
  • look into tub, use knob with hose
  • pull hose
  • pick up wrench behind tub
  • use wrench on broken tap, get key
  • use key in door enter toilet
  • pick up slingshot in toilet, get teddy
  • use teddy in toilet
  • use soap with slingshot
  • use slingshot with bulb
  • get samurai sword in toilet
  • use sword with toilet
  • Done

Source: Lazy Laces

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