Walkthrough For Let's Go Out

Here is the walkthrough for Let's Go Out point and click game:
1)pick up the bouncy balls and the coat.
2)go right and pick up the game cube and put it in the cupboard.Than click the bottom drawer and get the evlope.
3)click the drawer with the c on it and put balls in it.
4)click on the right of the abc drawers and wall get race car.
5)put the race car in the empty cubby.
6)go right and get bat from behind the bed nere the plant.
7)click the top of the plant and get squral and make bed.and click under the bed to get shirt.
8)go right grt bag and pull chair out get papers and put them in trash.get book and water put book on shelf.
9)go right click mirror use envolp on it.put bag on coat rack than click on right door hang coat up and click shirt and fold it than put it on the bottom shelf go back than click the left door put bat away.
10)go right click cage put squarril in cage go back the password is 11 for drawer a.
11)go right click plant and water it with the water bottle.
12)click door and you arer out.

Source: Escape Games 24

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