Walkthrough For Locked Inside

Here is the walkthrough for Locked Inside point and click game:

  • Click on boxes towards the back, find the beaker
  • Click on the note on the box in view where the beaker was and note the name lewis, room 2a
  • Click underneath sink to find part of a broken key
  • Click near bin to get piece of plastic
  • Click between table and draws to find Bunsen burner
  • Click on bottom draw to open and find tripod
  • Click on bottom shelf on bookcase to find lighter
  • Click on middle shelf to find other part of key, its between two books
  • In view of clock and table of elements click towards bookcase at the bottom
  • Goes to view of a gas tap
  • Place Bunsen burner on gas tap

Then tripod
Then beaker
Then piece of plastic in beaker
Then use lighter to light the Bunsen burner

  • Click out of the screen and come back
  • Take beaker of melted plastic
  • Go to sink
  • Look at bar of soap, use pieces of key to indent the soap
  • Pour the melted plastic into the soap
  • Click on the newly made key
  • Click on the periodic table of elements, some of the squares are green, look them up and you will find that they are: c o h co la te - rearrange to chocolate
  • Because of note on box room 2a and picture has room 2a you can deduce that the name of the person living at this address is lewis, and the password is chocolate
  • Log on to computer and get key code for safe
  • Click on the edge of the picture to reveal a safe
  • Enter code and get coin
  • Go underneath table and unscrew bolt with coin
  • The bolt is actually a screwdriver sneakily hidden
  • Open the top draw with they plastic key and unscrew the screw, then click the draw to remove it
  • Do the same with the bottom draw
  • Click the middle panel
  • Escape through the gap in the wall

Source: Notdoppler

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