Walkthrough For Loose The Moose

Here is the walkthrough for Loose The Moose point and click game:
-Go right.
-Click on coat several times to get glove.
-Click on coat several times again to get coin.
-Click on antlers until they stick up (the farthest one from the middle should be straight) and the entire antler is almost horizontal.
-Reposition antlers so that they are straight up and the smaller ones are horizontal (including the last ones).
-Take disk from moose.
-Pick up hat.
-Go right.
-Use coin on gumball machine.
-Get gumball.
-Put code into safe according to painting (press the button where the squares are colored).
-Pick up CD from safe.
-Go left.
-Put gumball in front of mouse hole.
-Put hat on mouse when he comes out.
-Place CD in front of mouse hole.
-Remove hat.
-Go left.
-Click on seats to make mouse move.
-Use glove to get lightbulb.
-Go left.
-Click on power cord behind computer.
-Put lightbulb in lamp.
-Click on lamp.
-Plug in cord.
-Put disk in computer.
-Remove disk.
-Click on lamp.
-Use glove to take lightbulb.
-Put lightbulb back in lamp in the screen with the sofa.
-Go right.
-Pick up gumball.
-Repeat above to make mouse move over the new crack.
-Give gumball to mouse (in the crack).
-Pick up key.
-Unlock door.

Source: Lazy Laces

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