Walkthrough For Maama Room

Here is the walkthrough for Maama Room :
1.) Move the cushion aside; take the cutter.
2.) Use the cutter on the cushion to obtain the "Blue Key."
3.) Click on the painting of a flower. It will slide up, revealing a screwdriver. Take the screwdriver.
4.) Use the screwdriver on the blue drawer closest the left end of the screen; retrieve the light bulb.
5.) Put the light bulb in its place on the ceiling. (It's that black cavity.)
6.) Click on the plate below the miniature diamond. It will grow.

7.) Turn the lights on by clicking on the light switch.
8.) Keep doing this. Look at the letters the diamond's shadow give repeatedly until you have it's code. The code is "www.maama.com." Turn on the computer, and enter the password at the bottom of the screen, where indicated.
9.) Take the "Pink Key" given.
10.) Insert the blue key on the left side of the key slot on the blue mechanism in the far left corner of the room. This may take a while, as your clicking has to be very precise. Then, do the same thing with the pink key, on the right side of the key slot.
11.) Turn the lights on and off until a white square glitters near the table that the computer rests on. While you have the chance, click on it! (It will disappear after about 5 seconds.)
12.) Take your newly found "Room Key," and open the door. Note that you can't open the door unless the lights are turned on. Exit.
Source: Lazy LAces

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