Walkthrough For Mini Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Mini Escape:

-Click above red door & get ball.
-Wave ball across blue door & get box. Wave ball across box and get key.
-Use key on red door. Pull top left star away and run over purple square to get the order of which stars to push using compass points.
-Get pencil.
-Draw on wall to get password for blue door.
-Click bottom left star and a tree appears. Click leaves and get a butterfly. Click butterfly and get a sun. Run cusor over sun and a spot appears on back. Quickly hit spot and get flower.
-Now waving items over wall….flower gets (r),ball (s), pencil (s) and (a), ball (g) (experiment)
-Wave flower over green door and enter password (from the letters it is the colour of the door)
-Take candle and move over boxes to get co-ordinates. Draw a diagram and enter the type of shape you have drawn.

Source: EscapeGames24

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