Walkthrough For Minigame Killer Queen Flat Sitekqes

Here is the walkthrough for Minigame Killer Queen Flat Sitekqes :
-go left, pick up the cable (if u examine it there is a number 3 on it)
-on the bed is a hand computer, by clicking on it in your inventory it will be displayed in larger picture…then click on the usb cabel and connect it to the hand computer
-click under the bed-u ll notice a paper, go back, and then click on the other side of the bed…so u can take that paper
-click the line of the desk so it will open and u ll see another number (026) and pick up a red block
-click under the desk..u get a piece of paper
-go left again and look yourself in the mirror..after u finished playing with your breast try clicking on your necklace..on that blue thing
-on the top left is a vent..click on it to get a better look..and take the paper
-now in your inventory click on that paper u got under the bed and go to the last page…u ll notice that peaces are missing..so add the ones u have found…u ll get a full picture of the buttons u have to click
-go left..on the right side of the door click on that locker and click on the buttons that are marked in the paper..open the locker
-take the yellow block..and the key
-examine the key-u ll found the number 164
-use the key on the top drawer in the desk-get hammer
-go to the scene where u re facing the empty wall and to your right is the bed..now click a bit over the bed..to the right..u ll see a brick-use the hammer on it-u get number 126
-also use the hammer on the mirror-get pliers-use them on the vent-get golden key-use it on the second drawer-get the green block
-and now if u click under the desk a blue block will show up..take it
-in your inventory click on the papers-so they ll be in larger format-notice the metal ring that holds them together..use the pliers on it and u ll get a metal string-use that under the desk on that red tiny thing-u ll get red card
-now click on hand computer and input blue card in it…if u click on the text written on the computer an option to enter the code will be shown-take the blue card out and put the red one in-u ll get a number (this one changes for every player)
-go back to the door..click on the locker to the right..and input colors and blocks in this order
*colors on the left: blue, yellow, green
*blocks on the right: blue, yellow, red, green
-go to the box on the left side of the door-connect your hand computer to it….click on the blue disk and input code (code is 3+164+126+26+(number from red card)=xxx
-click on the big button bellow and the door will open

Source: EscapeGames24

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