Walkthrough For Mission Stage 3

Here is the walkthrough for Mission Stage 3 :


  • Take newspaper under blanket by clicking its top left corner
  • Go to the right where beside the fireplace is a bucket. take the key ‘neath it
  • Take ladder under bed and use it to get to the top by clicking near the left to place the ladder
  • Use the key with the box and get the matches
  • zoom in on the newspaper and use it with the matches
  • Place the burnt paper on the fireplace
  • You are out!


  • Get oil can behind table
  • Go to the left and use the oil can with the door(near the knob)
  • Take the broom in the room
  • Go to the left and use the broom to take the light bulb beside the drawer
  • Replace the light bulb with the old on in the first screen and get the key on the floor
  • Use the key with the locked cupboard in the kitchen, the bottom right one
  • Wait a few seconds for a sparkle and get the key
  • Take the cloth beside the sink
  • Click the top of the fire place. the table i mean. to get a top view of the fire place. den use the cloth. the word “light a light” will appear.
  • Go to the second floor and click somewhere near the left of the box, the one nearest to the toolbox and get the note
  • Go to the box at the fireplace and input the number 1010 with the key and get the bulb
  • Change the bulb
  • You are done!

Go to the kitchen and open the bottom cupboard, get the yellow sponge
Go to the sink to get the spoon and use the sponge to clean it
Use the spoon with the soup at the most delicious screen
Open the top cupboard(left) and get a bottle metal polisher
Get the poker?(metal stick?) next to the fireplace
Use that to open the closet door with the broom and shovel and get the bone near the shovel
use it with the dog to get a number :124
use the number with the drawer nex to the bed. Open the box to get a rusty knife
Use the metal polisher with it den use it with the steak
Go to the second floor and click near the right of the most right box to get the key
Go to the kitchen and use the key with the drawer ‘neath the glass display
Get the fork, its the 3rd one from the left
Enjoy the spaghetti
You are done!

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