Walkthrough For Mountain Hut Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Mountain Hut Escape :
-Open blue box and get large screw (1) and red screwdriver.
-Move 2 cans on shelf and get small screw (1).
-Turn right and get small screw (2) from under the stairs.
-Go upstairs and get drill bit from under bed covers and large screws (2,3) from under the bed.
-Turn left and get small screw(3) from the wooden ledge.
-Move the chair and get a large screw (4).
-Go back down the stairs and turn right to the fireplace.
-Get hinge (1) and large screw (5). Also get the small screw (4) from the upper right of the fireplace.
-Use the blue button on the lower left of the screen to move you into the next room.
-Pick up power drill, wooden box, and blue screwdriver from the shelf.
-Open the box to get a crowbar.
-Turn around to the crate and click the left side. Get large screw (6).
-Now open the crate and get big screws (7,8), hacksaw, and 4 cans of paint.
-Go back to the view of the left side of the crate and use the crowbar to move it under the window.
-Place the 4 cans of paint on the crate and now you can open the window.
-View the empty wooden box in your inventory until you get a back view of it with the lid closed.
-Use the screwdriver to get hinges (2,3), and small screws (5-12).
-Now you have to move all your items from the “blue” room to the “green” room.
-Click an item in your inventory, for example, the drill, and then click the door opening at the bottom of the door. The item should now be grayed out in your inventory. Do this for all the items in your inventory.
-Click the green button on the lower left to move to the “green” room.
-Retrieve all your items.
-Go to the view of the stairs on the left and click a plank on the right side.
-Use the crowbar a few times to pull up the wooden plank.
-You should now have 12 small screws, 8 large screws, and 3 hinges..
-Use the drill bit with the drill and drill 8 holes.
-Use the large screws in the hole and then use the red screwdriver to tighten them.
-Cut the plank into 4 parts using the hacksaw.
-Turn the plank over and use the hinges to connect each piece.
-Use 4 small screws for each hinge and tighten them with the blue screwdriver. You now have a ladder.
-Go to the fireplace view and use your homemade ladder to go up to the roof.
-Take your ladder out of the chimney and place it on the other side of the roof.
-Click the button for the “blue” room again.
-Click the window.
-You’re out!

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