Walkthrough For Mouse Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Mouse Room Escape point and click game:
1. Get ladder
2. Turn left, and use ladder to reach top clock.
3. Wait for clock hands to move - get black coin.
4. Go back, turn left, and grab mouse running right to left.
5. Zoom in to desk, and place mouse next to cheese - get green coin.
6. get wrench from under desk.
7. Click keyboard in different places to make five colored blocks appear - note their positions.
8. Go back to view with pillows on ground (note the color and shapes of pillows)
9. Go back to computer - get key from plate.
10. Go back, turn left, note position of colors on poster.
11. Use key to unlock top cabinet - get cup
12. Click left cabinet repeatedly until it opens - get 500 coin.
13. Turn right and fill cup with water from sink.
14. Turn left and click on pot in corner.
15. Pour water onto coals - get red coin.
16. Go back, turn left, and turn off lights (bottom switch).
17. Turn right, and note colors on poster (yellow and black are reversed)
18. Click on pot (mouse has moved now) and grab the tweezers.
19. Go back, turn left, and turn lights back on.
20. Turn left, and click on heater. Note colors and shapes on bottom (backward from pillows)
21. Use tweezers to get yellow coin.
22. Go back, and click on dehumidifier.
23. Use wrench to remove cover - get blue coin.
24. Go back, and turn right.
25. Click on top panel, and place coins in lock as follows, working from top to bottom: Red, Green, Black, Yellow, Blue (colors from computer, with red-blue and yellow-black reversed).
26. Click "Lock", which changes to "Open"
27. Go back, and click on doorknob.
Source: Escape Games 24

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