Walkthrough For New Year Escaping Compilation

Here is the walkthrough for New Year Escaping Compilation point and click game:
-Go left. Note the shape that the top is spinning. It is the number 0.
-Click under the round table to get the golf club.
-Click behind the bookshelf.
-Use the golf club to get the top.
-Use the top with the already spinning top.
-They create another number together. This number is 8.
-Go left again and get the ski and the chair.
-Click under the desk to get the card.
-Use the chair on the upper right hand corner of the bookshelf to get the key.
-Go left or right twice and put the ski on the two paddles.
-Note the number this makes. The number is 1.
-Go to the keypad near the door. Trial and Error will lead you to the correct code.
-Code: 801
-Use the key and you're out!
Source: EscapeGames24

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