Walkthrough For Nightmare Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Nightmare Escape point and click game:
Click on message on wall.
- Click on opening beside message and get the rope.
- Click right below slanted corner and get the piece of paper. Notice square.
- Click lower left corner three times and get the wine bottle and magnet from the shelves.
- Click lower left corner and get the wood leaning beside cabinet.
- Click lower left and notice message in frame and the grill beside it.
- Now go back to the shelves and click once to zoom in then click right below bottom shelf.
- Take the towel and answer the question: "What do I search?" - see the contents of the piece of paper? 666? And the number sign behind message in frame? The answer is "666 is the number of the …beast. Enter "beast" and click the circle next to the square where you entered your answer. It will groan that you are correct.
- Now exit that screen and go back to the opening in the wall.
- Go check the square and you will find that it is opened. So now, from your inventory, click on the stick, then the rope, then the magnet, in that order.
- Once the items are all combined go "back" and click the black square opening and then the newly constructed item and a key will appear in your inventory.
- Go to the screen with the cabinet and click on it to zoom in then click the key and the doors will unlock and open.
- Get from in there a box of matches, a saw, pliers and a screwdriver.
- Now go to the screen with the shelves and zoom in. click on the saw and you will get another piece of wood in your inventory.
- Now for the tricky part. Go back to the screen with the message "YOU ARE THE NEXT" on the wall. If you click on the "O" in YOU, you will receive another flashing message, saying "FOLLOW ME!!!". Here you must simply follow the footprints around the room, moving left. Go around three FULL times, using that initial screen as your starting point. On the third round, click again on the "O" and as the flashing message appears you will hear a coin drop. It is now in your inventory.
- Now go to the screen where the grill is and click on it. Once it has zoomed in click on the coin and this will remove the grill part, leaving a screw in your inventory.
- Click on the wine bottle, then the screw then the pliers. This will remove the cork.
- After putting the bottle back into inventory click the piece of wood, then the towel then the bottle and then, lastly, the matches. This will create a makeshift torch for you to enter into the opening with. Put it back into inventory.
- Click the hole then the torch and enter. Happy escaping!!!
(I didn't bother mentioning the screwdriver again once it was found because it doesn't really do anything. What actually happens is once you get it you think you can use it to remove the grill part but it falls inside and disappears. You don't retrieve it therefore it's purpose is useless.)
Source: Lazy Laces

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