Walkthrough For Nitjio - Offcut Everyday

Here is the walkthrough for Nitjio - Offcut Everyday point and click game:
-take green square behind books
-on right, grey book take purple slice, go right
-take picture out red album,go right
- under the cushions is a blue triangle. In wastebasket a cutter
- turn the flower painting and put purple slice, go right
- traffic sign is a lamp. Click below to lighten it and then turn it. There should be some text.
- take the black book,next the door, and with cutter, get key.
-Open the drawer with the key and pick up yellow star
- have a close look at the key and take red circle
- take red book and take the photo of the two girls
- put star, square .. in frame in the door.
- Click handle and OUT
You must take the picture of the girls with you.
Source: Escape Games 24

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