Walkthrough For Numbers Room Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Numbers Room Escape point and click game:
1. Go to scene with blanket and pillow….click the pillow and get shovel
2. Move left and take garbage bin lid
3. Click yellow bin and pick up red stick
4. Move left and take glasses off the top of the fridge
5. Click small table an take chopsticks
6. In the same scene (zoomed into small table), use chopsticks to get key from under fridge [closer to the left]
7. Go back to scene with door and use the shovel on the plant…u will get a magnifying glass in place of the shovel.
8. Go to the scene with the blanket again and colour the doll red with the red stick thing..
9. note the position of the fruits on the table in order of colour…that is the order of the numbers for the code:
YELLOW->zoom in on YELLOW bin and use magnifying glass on top left quarter of the bin [5] (yellow fruit is the 1st fruit therefore 5 is the first number
RED->count the lines on the RED doll [3]
PURPLE->PURPLE blanket [7]
GREEN-> click the yellow glasses and then the blue bin lid it will turn GREEN and the number will print through [4]
PINK-> flip the PINK pillow, the number is on the back [1]

Enter this code at the door and you will see OK

10. Highlight the key and open the door

Source: Escape Games 24

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