Walkthrough for Patio: A Wonder Courtyard

Here is the walkthrough for A Wonder Courtyard point and click game:

  1. Click on the table with the teapot and cups and take the Knife. Zoom out.
  2. Go left and take the Pink Corkscrew hanging from the central pillar.
  3. Go left and take the Purple Liquid, the right-most bottle on the right-hand chair.
  4. Click between the tall pink flowers in the vase behind the chair to get the Net.
  5. Turn left and click the scissors motif on the closest and tallest watering can to get the Scissors.
  6. Click on the basket of gardening tools and click the wooden handle to get the Hammer. Zoom out.
  7. Turn left and use the Scissors to cut the Yellow Apple from the lowest branch of the apple tree at the left-hand side. Cut the Apple open with the knife to get the Diamond.
  8. Go left and click on the left fishbowl. Use the Net to get the Blue Stone from the bowl, and use the Hammer on the Blue Stone to get the Emerald.
  9. Go left and click on the left Raspberry Plant. In the middle of the plant is a small pink Raspberry with a softer outline - use the Scissors to get it.
  10. Cut the Raspberry with the Knife to get the Ruby.
  11. Go left and pick up the small cluster of brown Nuts on the floor at the far right of the screen.
  12. Go left and feed them to the bird. Take the Feather it drops.
  13. Open the Purple Liquid with the Corkscrew and use it on the Feather to make Wings.
  14. Go left and put all of your Gems into the box. You will be able to open it and take a Key. Use the Key on the door in the background.
  15. Use the Wings on the girl in the mirror and click again
  16. You are Out!

Source: EscapeGames24

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