Walkthrough For Phantasy Quest

Here is the walkthrough for Phantasy Quest :

  • pick up coconut
  • swim left then up until get to island
  • get bottle
  • go north up up
  • look through telescope
  • go down down right right (on island)
  • go right right right
  • fill bottle
  • go left left up
  • give bottle tree / get stick
  • go left
  • use stick on sail
  • climb ship get lamp
  • go out
  • use lamp on hole / get plank
  • go down right right
  • use lamp start fire
  • go right use plank (bridge)
  • go in cave
  • left left get skull
  • right up right up left and out
  • go left all the way and move rock
  • go right right then up
  • click on right of gate then left mask
  • go up left in hut
  • talk to guy then offer skull (get half map)
  • out right down in hut talk to docter about item
  • out down down then left all the way
  • down to tree get berry
  • down right to fire roast berry
  • left up up right right right up up in
  • offer berry get map
  • out right
  • get crab in boat right

Source: Lazy Laces

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