Walkthrough For PonPon House

Here is the walkthrough for PonPon House point and click game:
1. Click the house to go nearer
2. Click the bucket three times and pick up the key
3. Drag the key over to the door
4. Click the door to go in
5. On the bedside table is a white 8
6. On the shell rack is a green 6
7. On the table by the window is a pink 1
8. Inside the ice cream cone is an orange and a blue *
9. Take the battery out of the brown clock on the shelf
10. On the table by the door (under the mirror) is a red 3
11. I can't remember exactly where it is but there is a yellow 5
12. Click on the ball in the toy box and it will say green white pink red yellow blue
13. In this order, the code is 68135*
14. Go to the little safe on the shelf and enter the code to get TV remote
15. Go to the TV and use the remote to find out that the time is 8:55
16. Put the battery into the little white clock and keep clicking + (I know, it's a lot) until you reach 8:55
17. Click the glowing heart
18. Follow that thing to the mirror, then outside
19. Fishing time!
20. Keep fishing until you get the big pink fish
Finished! You can keep fishing if you want or click the two arrows to go back to the beginning
Source: Lazy Laces

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