Walkthrough For Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 1

Here is the walkthrough for Prawn To Be Wild - Chapter 1:

talk to the prawny guard ppls (=if you say anus they both shout anus aswell =)
leave to the left
grab the stick outside
go right down and dress like a pretty princess
go waaaaaaaaaaay to the left
click the dangly bits until they fall onto the octo-pussy
grab the medicines
go back
go waaaaaay up from the prett princess store
grab the nuts really hard, the sword and the shopping list
go back to your guardy friends
leave to the right then go down
use the stick on the drain cover
say "come on mr bubbles i smell dead people"and leave to the right
say "hey big guy im ready for dream time now"
exit to the left
get changed in the changing room… ahem…
go up into the kingly chamber
tell the king you have the cure

Source: Lazy Laces

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