Here is the walkthrough for Prawn To Be Wild - Chapter 2:

click on the fan until it falls, then click on the hanging door till that falls off.
your free! click on the little item on the bottom shelf which is a price tag thingy then exit right.
grab the beans and pen
go down one screen and you'll be surrounded by books. Keep clicking the top blue book until you get a mesage saying something about catnip. exit above then go up another screen and right into the sporting goods. grab the 'we're number one' hand and exit to the right.
you'll be in a room with plants, click on the plant next to the tall bush which is catnip and pick it up.
Exit the sporting area and go up
talk to the cat and say that you want the box, then say not even for cat nip? then he'll give you the box.
exit and go down another screen and right to the frozen foods.
drag the #1 hand onto your character and then talk to the finger foods, tell them that you're a fish and then they'll let you go ahead
you'll then be next ot some stairs and spiders, when the first spiders is up click on your character and he'll go down the stairs
Watch the little segment of two white eggs talking, make note of the item they want and the price
when that's done you'll have to type up a price and write an item on the box
the price is 54.53 and write pie on teh box and you're out!

Source: Lazy Laces

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