Walkthrough For Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 3

Here is the walkthrough for Prawn To Be Wild - Chapter 3:

- move the 'sack o' poop'
- move the T-mobile (the Pieagra will fall down on its own), move the T-mobile thing again to push the Pieagra out of the way, the push the T-mobile one again and the Pieagra is left on the other side with the 'sack of poop'

- click and move the box of air, and putt blugs
- click and move the 'pie traps' and the 'mystery pie filling' will fall on top of the box of air
- click on the box of air and you're out the shopping bag, now you have to prove to Weeble that your not a pie and help find his remote control.

Source: Lazy Laces

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