Walkthrough For Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 6

Here is the walkthrough for Prawn To Be Wild-Chapter 6 :

  • Get the knitting. Then talk to the lady and say hello. Then say yes. The teeth are in the moles mouth. Combine the teeth and knitting. give her the teeth.
  • Go down to her stomach. Go left. go through the obstacles.
  • Get the cake. (You are in the ass)
  • Go back through the obstacles.
  • Talk to the fly. Say, Can you help me escape? Say i've got this partially digested cake.
  • Go right. Say to the fly, Hey Fly make me something with this. Go back.
  • Go up twice. Click on No 2. Go down to the ass and go through the asshole. Click on one of the pipes.

Source: EscapeGames24

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