Walkthrough For Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 7

Here is the walkthrough for Prawn To Be Wild - Chapter 7:
1) after you talked to the king, go to where u started.
2) go left, up, and touch the fountain to get dabloon
3) go to where u started again (down, right) and talk to the guys and give them the dabloon to get token
4) go right then (like in the first one) go down to get the donut w/ no hole
5) go back to where u started then go left, down,left,to get the fish (it doesn't really do anything so u don't have to get it if u don't want to)
6) go left again YOU MUST GET THE POOP!!
7) go right,right, and into the pharmacy and get the syringe by saying "its covered in ghost poop"
8) go up to the fountain again and go to the 1st door on the right and say to him "what are u holding?" then you have to shoot the terrorists coming up before they shoot u
9) after that, use the syringe on him and u have the dymanite
10) go to the 2ed room on the left and put the TOKEN into the thing to get the music
11) go right, and into the top room and talk to the !KRACKEN!(XD srry) to get him to translate the music by saying "hey fish face, whats thins music?"
12) go to the pharmacy but do not go in instead go left,left,left, and talk to the whale put the hole into the syringe (and into any thing else u want doesn't matter w/ the donut and fish (XD *wild goose chase*)there kinda pointless)
13)after that u go up, then u have to follow the music FAST because UR BEING TIMED
14) ta-da its over

Source: EscapeGames24

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