Walkthrough For Pyramid Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Walkthrough For Pyramid Escape point and click game:
1.click on the blue cloth for several times until it drops

2.click on the ancient machine's screen to play the game score 20 points to get the "stone"(looks like a semi-circle print on it)

3.there's a loose tile near at the
bottom right, 2 tiles next to the small stone. keep clicking on the loose tile until it drops and use it to hit the tile next to it to reveal the second "stone"(looks like a snake print on it)

4.click the crack on the ancient machine to move it directly on the waterflow hole thingy to stop the water from flowing. wait for a few seconds to see the water dry out and on the mud there you can get the third "stone" and there's 2 "dirt" there keep pressing on them until you get them in your inventory (looks like a bird print on it)

5.In the middle you can see a place for you to put the "stones" at.Put the "snake" stone on the left, the "bird" stone on the middle and the "semi-circle" stone on the right and a eye picture will appear.

6.IPut the one of the "dirt" on the EYEBROW and the other one on the left outline of the eye if you put them at the wrong positions you will need to start all over again

7.take the small stone on the bottom right of the screen and drag it to the other stone where the blue cloth is at and put it on top of the stone and keep clicking until you see a spark of fire

8.take a small piece of string from the thing which looks like a mummy and put it in your inventory

9.drag the wooden plank to the stone and tie the string onto it

10. drag the wooden plank(with the string) and put it on the spark of fire to light it up

11. Use the hammer to hammer the eye and a door will open

12.drag the torch into the the door and you can go in now

13.take the stone with 6 curves and 3 lines(i tink)(sorry i forgot)it is somewhere in the middle-right-bottom and put it at the hole.

14. You are out!
Source: EscapeGames24

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