Walkthrough For Rally

Here is the walkthrough for Rally :

  • Click on phone to answer it.
  • Click on crowbar beside the phone to pick it up.
  • Click on the panel box behind the car to open it and get the light bulb.
  • Click on the light fixture to install the bulb.
  • Answer the phone again.
  • Click on the first gas can.
  • Click on the wrench.
  • Click on the front panel of the gas machine.
  • Now try to make the gas flow through the machine. This works like the clock puzzle a month or so ago.
  • Press the top button to receive a green light.
  • Press the bottom button to have the panel fall away and return you to the garage.
  • Click the bottom of the green hose beneath the machine to attach the hose.
  • Pick up the crowbar again
  • Click on the tire to enter the next puzzle
  • Find the correct patch.

Source: Lazy Laces

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