Walkthrough For Ranch Escape

Here is the walkthrough for Ranch Escape point and click game:
-from the 1st. scene turn left and get the worm
-left again and put the worm on the small pile of sand, take the egg when the chicken eats the worm
-left, click the 2 nails and take the wool
-take the magnet and the catch net
-left again to take the sticky tape and the small spade
-left, use the spade on the pile of sand so a frog comes out, than click behind the hole in the ground to get a piece of metal
-zoom in at this metal thing and combine the magnet to it
-back to the scene with the frog, catch it with the net
- at the scene with the chicken you use the wool on the brown thingy at the right of the chicken to make a cord
-zoom in at the piece of metal again and connect the cord and than the frog at the other end of the cord
-left twice and use the frog on the lock of the gate
-Pick up the cord again from the ground, connect it to the bell and you can go out
Source: Escape Games 24

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