Walkthrough For Rinako Room

Here is the walkthrough for Rinako Room :

  • 1. Take a yellow key from under the trousers.
  • 2. Take a kitty from the trash can and a match box from under it.
  • 3. Take a floor sweeper from the right side of the desk.
  • 4. Take a blue key from the desk.
  • 5. Use a yellow key on the drawer and get a ball.
  • 6. Use a blue key on the drawer and get a remote control.
  • 7. Use a remote control on the tv.
  • 8. Take a mirror from the chair and hung it on the hook.
  • 9. Take the scissors from the ashtray on the table and a screwdriver from under it.
  • 10. Use a floor sweeper to get a battery from under the bed.
  • 11. Use the scissors on a neck of the kitty and get a red key.
  • 12. Use a red key on the drawer and get a hammer.
  • 13. Use a hammer on a ball and get a battery.
  • 14. Use a screwdriver on the back of the kitty and put there two batteries.
  • 15. Get a needle from the match box (turn it to the other side) and use it on the kitty.
  • 16. Put the kitty on a chair and click on the panel by the door to unlock.
  • 17. Click the door.

Source: Lazy Laces

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