Walkthrough For Room

Here is the walkthrough for Room point and click game:
-Turn right and click the picture on the wall until it falls down. Get the blue pin and the wall mount.
-Go left and click the elevator panel. Use the wall mount to open it up. Get the screwdriver, pliers, and red electrical tape.
-Read the book (if you can) and use the pliers to cut the blue and black wires only.
-Go left and notice the stain on the lower right corner. Click it and note the writing.
-Go left and notice the bump in the lower right corner of the room. Use the blue pin to pull up the carpet to reveal a floor panel.
-Use the screwdriver to open the floor panel. You can’t go down yet.
-Click the right eye of the doll in the poster to get the thumbtack.
-Go left (or right) twice and click the red button the elevator panel.
-Now click the floor opening and go down. Pick up the battery and the eraser.
-Click the “ears” of the doll and get the scissors.
-Use the battery on the doll and he says something.
-Go back up (click top rung of the ladder) and left, and use the eraser to reveal the rest of the message in the scribbling under the wall.
-Back down again.
-Turn the knob on top of the box and notice that it doesn’t stay on. Use the red tape to keep it in place and give it power.
-Open the big green box and get the key, glasses, and yellow wire.
-Use the yellow wire on the two orange nodes on the right side, use the key in the keyhole (bigger circle) on the red box, and use the scissors to bridge the gap between the break in the red wire.
-Click the glasses to help you see the numbers you are entering. I entered the numbers 123456.
-If you mistype any numbers, use the tack on the smaller circle on the keypad to reset it.
-Go back up and click the red button on the elevator now. The doors should open. You’re out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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