Walkthrough For Room Escape 3

Here is the walkthrough for Room Escape 3:
1. As soon as you start, look at the bottom of the corner of the room. Click on the object in the corner to get a pin.
2. Go right twice. Get the pliers. Click on your pin and use it to open the locked box. Get the match from inside. The note on the wall reads:

"(1): 10*40+228 = (*—)ofno."

I'll talk about the equations in a minute.
3. Click right twice. At the bottom-right corner of the dresser at the floor, you might notice a small circle sticking out. Click it, and you will get a key. Open the bottom drawer and get the dvd.
4. Click left once and turn on the computer by pressing the power button. The dvd shows up under "Other Items" at the top-left corner of the game. Get the dvd and place it in the top slot on the computer. Click on the computer screen, and then click "DVD" on the bottom of the computer screen. Another equation appears, which reads:

"(2) 60*80 - 600 = (-*—) ofno."

5. Get off the computer. Go left twice. Use the key you found to open the closet. Inside you will find a hammer. The hammer also shows up under "Other Items".
6. Click left three times. Use the hammer to break the glass. Get the note. It has a clue, reading:

"Blue right, blue down…"

7. Click left once. On the left side of the dresser, click where the dresser meets the wall, like halfway up the dresser. You will find a panel with two groups of triangles. Click the circle in the center of each group of triangles to rotate the triangles. Refer to your clue "Blue right, blue down…". Once you have done that, click the button at the top of the panel. Go back to the front of the dresser and open the bottom drawer. Inside is a note with the third equation. It reads:

"(3) 52*2 + 13 (—*)ofno."

8. Go left three times. Click on the safe at the top. The equations you found are clues to the safe code. "(3)" refers to the digit number in the safe code which that equation gives you, "52*2 + 13" is the math problem you must solve, and "(—*)" means that of your 3 digit answer, that last number in your answer is the number which is for the 3rd digit of the safe code. When you have figured out all three equations, you should have figured out the safe code is 6 2 7. Click the red button to open the safe. Get the key.
9. Go right three times. Use your new key to open the door. Click the switch on the right.
10. Go right once, and click the shiny metal box. You will find a card inside.
11. Go right three times. Click the match and then click the card to light the match. Use the match to light up the closet. Use the pliers to cut the coat hanger. Get the cd.
12. Go right twice. Enter the cd in the bottom slot on the computer. Go to the computer screen. The computer screen says some stuff. Just click "YES" at the bottom. Go back to the room.
13. Click left three times. Get the battery.
14. Go left once. Place the battery in the Cosmos Control Deck 3000.
15. Go right once. The door is open.
You've Escaped!

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