Walkthrough For Room Room

Here is the walkthrough for Room Room :
-Go left and get computer cord from garbage can.
-Click the top drawer to get the key. Use key on the lockbox to get a piece of paper. Note the broken candle.
-Continue left and use computer cable on the outlet.
-Get the screwdriver from the coke can.
-Left again and get magnifying glass from under the bed on the left side.
-Use the screwdriver on the top of the clock to take it off the wall. Get the pliers.
-Get the tack on the upper left side of the poster.. Note that the corner of the poster reads “No this”.
-Left again and use the pliers to get the hanger.
-Note:If you click the top of the mirror, you will see a key. The blue button turns the light on and off.
-Use the tack on the broken candle to make it stand upright. Light the candle with the magnifying glass.

-Return to the mirror and turn the light off. Use the paper on the candlelight and note that it reads “Is that pen=17514″.
-Turn the light back on and go to the computer. Use the hanger on the computer buttons to turn it on. With a bit of code-cracking you may figure out that the code for the computer is 10334.

Edit: Each letter has a corresponding number (a=1, b=2, etc.). The exception is that the letter “T” means +.

Is that pen = 17514, (is + ha + pen: 919 + 81 + 16514 = 17514)
No this = no + his = 1415 + 8919 = 10334

-Input the code and the blue book on the computer table opens to reveal a hammer.
-Use the hammer to break the glass on the key in the mirror.
-The key drops to the floor under the mirror.
-Use the key on the door and you’re out!
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